To exhale is to release and let go. That's what we aim to bring to people—a sigh of relief to their day. 



Office Services

You know about the physical and cognitive benefits of taking breaks. The challenge is ensuring they actually happen. Bring Exhale to your corporate or creative work environment and give workers the break they need to feel inspired to think and create. 

Private Yoga Lessons

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Whether you've thought about starting yoga for years, or you have an established practice and want to commit to going deeper, Exhale offers customized one-on-one or group lessons to help you work towards your specific goals.     

Thai Massage

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Thai massage is deeply rooted in yoga, yet it also stands on its own. Like yoga, Thai massage is practiced in comfortable clothing on a mat. The practitioner uses several body parts–hands, elbows and feet–to knead muscles and stretch the body.



"Every week I get to be a part of Melissa’s lunchtime yoga classes. With a wide variety of people joining, I have always been impressed with Melissa’s ability to adjust and modify as needed. It is truly amazing to be able to separate from the daily hustle and come back to my desk recharged."— Andrew, LinkedIn Canada Head Office