Meet Melissa

Melissa Lesic, the founder of Exhale, discovered yoga nearly a decade ago. After her first ever class, she felt like she'd found her home. Yoga made her feel graceful in her body for the first time, plus gave her something no other form of physical activity ever had: an internal journey. Shortly after her first class Melissa began a dedicated practice, and enrolled in her first teacher training in 2010. 

Melissa conceived of Exhale while teaching yoga alongside a fast-paced marketing career. She understood the rewards of living a busy lifestyle, but became increasingly aware of the benefits that come with taking breaks and time for self-care. To exhale is to release and let go, and that’s what she wanted to bring to people–a sigh of relief to their day. In 2016, she left her corporate career to launch Exhale.  

With a rigorous understanding of how movement, stretching and massage release muscular tension and improve range of motion, Melissa incorporates Thai massage into her yoga lessons so that her students experience the benefits of both disciplines.

Melissa completed her 200-Hour Hatha and vinyasa certification in 2010 and has since received certification in restorative and yin yoga. She also completed her Thai massage therapist certification from Thai Massage Toronto in 2016. She currently teaches public classes at Union Yoga + Wellness and Laya Spa & Yoga in addition to delivering in-office classes and private lessons across the city.

Exhale’s mission is to provide you a sigh of relief in your day, to help you feel strong in your body and mind, and to inspire you to make self-care a part of your every day so you can thrive at work, at home and in your inner life.