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Bringing Exhale to your corporate or creative office environment provides an opportunity for workers to step away and let go of stress so they can return feeling renewed and more productive. Our all-levels program is designed with a focus on physical poses that counteract the chair-sitter's slouch, and incorporates mindfulness techniques to promote calmness and mental clarity. Our goal is for people to walk away feeling strong, renewed and inspired to think and create. 

Office yoga can be scheduled for morning, midday or after work.


Meditation helps workers learn how to differentiate between acute stress, which motivates us to get things done, and chronic stress that persists and can be debilitating. Even a short meditation session (as little as 5 minutes) can help take people from the fight or flight mode of their nervous system, back to their rest and digest mode so that they feel calmer, happier, and prepared to focus on what's in front of them without distraction.

Why learn meditation from a yoga teacher? Physical yoga (called asana) is one type of yoga, and it's essentially moving meditation. There are other types of yoga that don't include physical postures, as well. Utilizing breathing techniques from yoga while in seated meditation is an extremely effective way to bring people into a state of calm, especially for those with little experience meditating.

Thai Massage

Wash away tension and stress with Thai massage! A massage that incorporates gentle stretching and pressure to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, energized and relieved of muscle tension and pain. Sessions are performed on a mat on the floor with the client dressed in comfortable clothes. No specific level of flexibility is required.

Thai Massage can be booked in 2-3 hour blocks, and offered to employees for 10 minutes each (with 10 minute break each hour). Multiple 3 hour blocks can be booked (on separate days) to accommodate all who are interested. 

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