"Every week I get to be a part of Melissa’s lunchtime yoga classes. With a wide variety of people joining, I have always been impressed with Melissa’s ability to adjust and modify as needed. It is truly amazing to be able to separate from the daily hustle and come back to my desk recharged."

— Andrew, LinkedIn Canada 

"The team really enjoyed Exhale's in-office yoga session. It's nice to wind down at the end of the day and promote health in the workplace. Melissa is a very supportive instructor and catered to different levels of practice and made adjustments when necessary."

— Kerri-Lynn, RateHub.ca

"Melissa is a very helpful and knowledgeable yoga instructor. She created a very welcoming atmosphere and I enjoyed my first session with her. Thanks for a positive experience!"

— Anita, Checkout51

I had the pleasure of having Melissa teach my partner and me privately in our home. Melissa has a great balance of what I look for in a yoga teacher–she's strong, yet gentle and supportive in her teaching. Best of all, Melissa is a Thai massage therapist, so offers excellent hand-on adjustments and massages that bring us deeper into poses than we thought we'd be able to go. I highly recommend her!

– Jake & Elina

"Melissa’s class was awesome for the office environment. She combined some challenging movements with stretches and poses that felt great after a long day at the computer, like a much-needed shoulder series. Thanks Melissa!" 

— Kurtis, Zoocasa.com